All our products are made from 100 % original Norwegian lambskin. Incidental tonal variations or marks can appear and are natural features that should not be considered as manufacturing faults or imperfections. With daily wear-and-tear of the product, patina will come with time.

To make sure that your product ages beautifully, we recommend the following care:

∙   Avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes or cosmetics as it will leave stains on the leather. If your product should get wet, dab it with a soft neutral cloth to absorb the moisture and leave it to dry. Never apply heat or use a hairdryer as it will damage the leather.

∙   Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces to minimize scratches.

∙   Avoid over exposure to heat or direct lighting.

∙   Do not overfill your handbag, as it may lose its shape or may damage the handles. 

Clean your product regularly by wiping it with a clean and soft cloth. When not in use, we recommend to store the product in the dust bag provided.