AESTHER EKME stands for ‘shoulder bag’ in Persian, a code name that translates into the mission of the brand: a commitment to the product above all else. Our approach to design is focused on customer experience, of wearing and interacting with the bags, resulting in high quality, unique shapes, meant to fit and follow the body seamlessly. The core of our DNA inherits both Brazilian modernism and Scandinavian minimalism, resulting in bags with a distinctive, clear-cut, sensual aesthetics, that draw attention through a subtle gravity of their own.

With Aesther Ekme’s refined aesthetic and emphasis on simplicity and functionality, a careful selection of the highest quality material is a priority for the brand. Working with top graded leathers from LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tanneries, who promote and develop sustainable, eco-friendly, and appropriate environmental practice within the leather tanning industry.